Heat Recovery System

The ultimate solution to recover waste heat from your cook line

About our Heat Recovery System

This system has been designed in order to utilise the waste heat from the cook line in order to provide the site with all its hot water requirements, central heating, or to heat the kitchen fresh air supply system. This is all done without the need for cook line alterations, with no effect on the extraction system meaning it can be quickly and easily retro fitted to any site, providing significant cost savings and a fantastic return on investment.

The panel contains a refrigerant liquid which has a starting temperature of -22oC. It is this incredibly low starting temperature that allows the panel to absorb energy from the extracted air allowing it to operate throughout the working day and then continue as the cooking equipment cools after service.

The panel typically would be installed either on the wall cladding behind the cook line or can even be installed behind a fridge or freezer. As the refrigerant liquid passes around the panel, the extracted air passes over the panel with heat coming off the cook line raising the temperature of the liquid. Once the liquid reaches -15oC it vaporises into a gas form. This gas is now taken into your water cylinder where it is compressed to create heat energy.

This energy is used within the water cylinder to heat your water supply efficiently providing you with hot water generated from the waste heat from the cook line. The process will repeat until the hot water demand has been satisfied.

Product Features

  • Saves money

  • Converts waste heat from cook line into 55oC hot water to be used on site

  • Can be used within central heating system on the site as well as provide hot water

  • Quick and easy installation

  • No alterations to extraction system or cook line

  • No adjustments required to extraction system calculations

  • No routine or annual maintenance

  • Works on independently even after service has closed

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